Twitter Likes, Facebook Followers, and Pinning: Get Your Audience Interacting

News 02:09 September 2023:

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Social media is a network for people from around the world. There are millions and millions of users accessing these pages and platforms at any particular moment. The result is a network of people potentially interacting with a page and accounts that can take off in a matter of hours. For Facebook, this is often done through likes. Liking a page allows it to show up in the newsfeed of a user and thus, increases their potential to get more information in the future, as well as increases their opportunities to engage with that particular page. Those that want to build momentum should seek these likes.

For Twitter, one of the ways that individuals can signal that they like a page is through Twitter likes. These Twitter likes also offer the opportunity to engage and get more information in the future. A single like will push the page up in the feed and also increases the opportunity for future engagement. With Pinterest pages, the main way that people react is through pinning. Pinning items to a board is a great way to build a page and a following. Different pages and accounts can share across “pinboards,” giving the user the opportunity to interact and build a relationship with that account.